Norwegian Napoleonic infantry 1808


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54mm Norwegian toy soldier from The Bergenhusiske Regiment during the Napoleonic Wars in Scandinavia from 1807 to 1814. 

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The Bergenhus Regiment was a Norwegian Army infantry regiment located in the counties of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The Bergenhus Regiment was first raised in 1628 as part of the Danish King Christian IV’s plan to create a Norwegian army during Denmark´s union period with Norway. Most armies of that time had in their ranks large proportions of mercenaries, expensive troops to maintain and sometimes of questionable loyalty. Thus by raising an army that was to manned by his own rural subjects he wished to create an organization that would be loyal, could quickly be put on a war-footing and that could serve his interest. The regiment took part in the battles during the war with Sweden in 1808-1809. This was a war between the Union of Denmark-Norway and Sweden - which was part of the Nordic Napoleonic Wars. The battles were mainly fought in the border area between Norway and Sweden. Denmark-Norway had after the Battle of Copenhagen in 1807 allied with France and pledged to declare war on Sweden to force the Swedes to accede mainland barrier, which Napoleon had introduced as a strategic action against Britain. Denmark-Norway’s war aims was to try to recapture Skåne and other provinces that were lost by the treaty of Roskilde in 1658. Sweden’s war aims was to conquer Norway and achieving tariff elimination in Øresund. In the war 1808-1809 the Norwegian army managed to stop the Swedish invasion. Bergenhus Regiments participated, among others, in the Battle of Berby in 1808 and in the Battle of Sekkeland in 1814.

Source: Wikipedia

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