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54 mm toy soldier - a drummer from Skansens Bataljon in Bergen, Norway.

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Buekorps are traditional marching neighbourhood youth organizations in Bergen, Norway.

The tradition is unique to Bergen. The organizations, which are called "bataljoner" ("battalions"), were first formally organized in the 1850s and are run entirely by the youths themselves. 14 different such "battalions" are active in Bergen, each belonging to a certain part of town.

Though the structure and ceremony of the Buekorps has military roots, the brigades are active in various other ways, ranging from physical activity and play to charitable work. Members range in age from about 7 to over 20, and adult veterans play a role in supporting the organizations and during certain events.

The groups consist of privates (usually carrying wooden rifles or crossbows), officers (the oldest kids with most seniority) and drummers. The buekorps have their official season from March through the summer, but are most active during spring, with Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17 as the high point of the season. On that day they are a prominent and popular part of the parade through the streets of Bergen.

In addition, the buekorps have their own celebratory days. One of these is the day they celebrate the founding date of their battalion. Every fourth year isBuekorpsenes Dag (The Buekorps Day), a series of competitions and pageantry.

Source: Wikipedia

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